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JLT Trucking offers a full range of commercial container types and sizes with service schedules that match your needs and budget. This includes Sunday service at some locations. We have an extensive inventory of well-maintained containers to accommodate front load, rear load and roll off services. Our full array of compactor containers addresses the challenges associated with high volume generators.

A local expert from our team will work with you to determine the most effective waste pick up schedule and frequencies. To help you determine this, we currently offer complimentary site audits. We also offer LEED Green Building services and reporting to ensure compliance with your sustainability goals.


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JLT prides itself in being sustainable in all aspects of the business and industry. We are unique in the waste industry because we are the only company, in this area, to have a full-time LEED Accredited Professional. Their job is to monitor all projects and fully authentic any and all reports. The LEED Accredited Professional will also design and oversee a waste management plan specific to you. This will allow to avoid and/or minimize the amount of materials going to landfills by diverting construction waste, demolition, and land clearing debris. It will also redirect recyclable recovered resources back to the manufacturing process and reusable materials to appropriate sites. 

Contact us for more information and/or to schedule a service. 

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I have utilized the services of JLT trucking for over a decade. They are professional and consistently reliable....The staff is pleasant.....I highly recommend them!

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