Collection Technology

Our Commitment

JLT is committed to improving collection technology in the waste industry. By improving our process, we are able to create a more sustainable environment. Our solutions include container monitoring, GPS equipped fleet, and our customer smart access tool. We are committed to continuing to build upon these tools to better manage our waste and recycling needs.

Customer Smart Access

Schedule a service, download roll off weights, view service history, track your truck, and pay your bill from the convenience of any device. JLT’s Customer Smart Access offers our customers unprecedented visibility into the status and history of services provided. Our Customer Smart Access offers the convenience of communicating virtually to meet all of your waste service’s needs.

Late-Model, GPS Equipped Fleet

The GPS units embedded in every JLT Trucking collection truck integrates with Customer Smart Access. This offers a real-time view of your collection truck’s location, as well as information to pinpoint when your services were provided. Our attractive fleet of late-model trucks utilizes the latest emissions controls and safety devices. This is to ensure everyone’s safety while also protecting the environment.

We take pride in maintaining the finest fleet in the National Capitol region. Our trucks are maintained with computerized controls and washed weekly. We want our trucks to reflect JLT’s  customer service. 

Container Monitoring

JLT is the region’s leader in deploying sensors on collection containers. These sensors provide real-time measurements of remaining capacity, as well as confirmation when service was provided. The collected data reveals a detailed insight into the actual utilization of your available disposal capacity. This allows you to accurately revise collection frequencies to avoid overflowing containers or servicing more than necessary.

The latest models of sensors last up to 10 years and include video capability to assess the quality of recyclables and avoid costly contamination fees. Contact us today to request additional information and a quote for your organization.

Coming Soon!

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