Municipal Solid Waste

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Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste, more commonly known as trash or garbage, is waste that consists of everyday items that are discarded. JLT’s waste management includes the collection, transfer, resource recovery, recycling, and the treatment of waste. Our main goal, at JLT, is to protect the environment, and become more sustainable.

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JLT Trucking has lead the way in Green Building Compliant Construction and Waste Services in the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide cradle to grave management of construction waste in a sustainable manor by utilizing our collection of LEED construction waste recycling facilities. Our expertise of diverting the maximum waste from the landfill and documenting these efforts for your projects Green Building Credits. JLT’s industry exclusive LEED Accredited Professional will design and oversee a program to achieve the most advantageous program for your project.

Participation with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) further led to programs for existing buildings; maximizing landfill diversion while documenting those efforts for occupant waste, durable goods and renovation projects.

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JLT Trucking is one of our best resources for waste management and recycling in our region. We put a lot of demands on our hauling vendors, and it is critical for them to come through in a pinch and on short notice. JLT is always ready to respond to our needs in this regard, and we consider them to be one of our most trusted partners.

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